🎉 hyperglass 2.0 is here! This documentation is still in development, though.
Config File

The config.yaml file is broken into multiple sections:

Top Level Parameters

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
org_nameStringBeloved Hyperglass UserYour organization’s name.
pluginsList of StringsList of hyperglass plugins to load.
primary_asnString65000Your organization’s primary ASN. Used to set default UI text.
request_timeoutNumber90Global timeout in seconds for all requests.
site_descriptionStringorg_name Network Looking Glass<meta> description, also used in the API documentation.
site_titleStringorg_nameBrowser title, also used in the default terms & conditions.

Example with Defaults

org_name: Beloved Hyperglass User
plugins: []
primary_asn: 65000
request_timeout: 90
site_description: Beloved Hyperglass User Network Looking Glass
site_title: Beloved Hyperglass User

Other Configuration Sections

cacheCaching DocsCustomize how hyperglass caches responses.
loggingLogging DocsCustomize file logging, syslog, webhooks, etc.
messagesMessages DocsCustomize messages shown to users.
structuredStructured Output DocsCustomize how hyperglass handles structured output from devices.
webWeb UI DocsCustomize the look and feel of hyperglass’s web UI.


Arista EOS

For whatever reason, the tested version of Arista EOS does not supply certain details about routes in its JSON output when running commands show ip bgp regex <pattern> or show ip bgp community <community>. Specifically, the the route’s timestamp and any attached communities are not supplied. When these commands are used with Arista EOS, hyperglass sets the timestamp to the current time, and the community to an empty list.